Golden Visa Portugal - PROPER·TY - PROPER·TY dispose de plusieurs opportunités d'investissement dans l'immobilier de luxe à Lisbonne, adaptées au programme Golden Visa Portugal.


Portugal, westernmost point of Europe, bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, enjoys 300 days of sunshine per year with mild climate to make your stay memorable.

With an area of approximately 90 000 m2 and population of around 10 Million people, Portugal is a European and Schengen country, with borders dating back to the 12th century.


The Golden Visa Portugal is a residence permit for investment, you can include all direct family, with a minimum of 500.000 € investment in properties. Meant for investors desiring a second passport and the advantages of European citizenship.

The benefits include privileged entry in all Schengen countries, working and residence permits in Portugal for all direct family.


Our team won multiple awards, including Best Real Estate Team in Europe, while our agency is Best Real Estate Office in Europe, 5 years in a row.

We have exclusive access to the largest and widest portfolio of Real Estate Properties in Portugal, from sophisticated apartments in Lisbon to the most secluded and peaceful villas.


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